Hush little child!

Come milk the sunrise from my breast

Sit on my laps, I have a song for your ears


Tame your gentle, the innocence of your soul

There are spirits, behind every eyed intention 

Live to be true, to love and cause no hurt

There is a place only accessed by purity


I mean the purity of a heart

I mean the purity of a tongue

I mean the purity of goodness 


Remember the hell and the heaven

Remember what was promised of them

Heap them into a truck and throw them all


Heaven and hell are not a place

When we journey across living

The purity we keep within guides us

This becomes our password to seeing….


There is no fire

There is no party

There is only a reward 

For the purely hearted 


Now listen,

Being able to see God is heaven

Being denied of seeing God is a hell of its own.