I see your eyes prey on me

Like the graves opening soils for another body

I see you crawling, like a thief into my laughter

Layering dust on my mother’s body language

I try to towel it with my frangibility


I see prayers that yield feet

I see prayers God denounced

Shoulders too, bowing like the mjozi branches

Mind convinced that these streets will steal me

I am no better than the boy who sings I’ll survive


I fly sometimes

Leave my melody falling on the floors

Wet with the music of the oceans breathing

A house full of nothing but shadows of emptiness

Give these bones to feed this empty, can they?


I fly sometimes

Tailor smiles on my face

Like a mood-board crafted by a seven year old

On the day he kindly receives birthday presents

Feeling the warmth of time falling into his arms

A heart that envelops thank you for this love


I fly sometimes, every time

To bring my childhood back

To soak his joy into my emptiness.