I promised

I could hear the oceans dream

I could hear the colors breathe

Spirits bowed under the wind

Cultivating echoes as if I was God


I was God that evening

He lent me his mighty


I promised

My mother had a bouquet of lilies

Lights ascend, time started escaping

As I play towards the end of the universe



Organic peace

Forever names, I heard the falling wind

On my skin, on my waters that evening


I shimmered in his mighty

As if the angels were me

I was the angels, white winged made of roses

Sensitively clothed, dressed in skin and bones


My eyes remembered the butterflies

Their colors spoke to the wind

I breathe in my sunrise 


I became

My father’s son

My mother’s daughter


I promised

On the 12th of July

I learnt I owned wings


I heard the oceans dream

I heard the colors breathe

And I fully became me.