Carrying the weight of my innocence

Shapeshifting gunpowders to statuettes

Moulding the liberty my ancestors gave me

Mouth a well, heart weathering like rose petals

Do you see me?


Allowing my silence breathe

As my mind seats on the shores of chaos

Strangling my joy for someone’s happiness

Making my expressions feel not mattered

Do you see me?


Moore like midnight rainfalls

Listening with one ear falling apart

Goodness taking the streets deep within you

Basking in the sunshine promised and not seen

Hearts dying by the alarms of your mannerisms 

Choices made, loyalty rewarded into the graves

Do you see me?


Smiles pointing like arrows

Made to bounce like basketballs

The heart is dizzy, made to feel imprisoned

Left to feel like a secret, still here, anonymous 

Leaving my bones to struggle to meet you

Following my heart, I love you differently now

But do you even see me?


Just because I laugh doesn’t say I am here

Just because I stayed says I am still a friend

If tables were to turn any way

I wouldn’t tame your joy for someone’s ego

Not even if I have an ocean of gold to loose.