Warmth hearts

Green grasses

Blue skies waving

In the eyes of the shining sun

There is God, and he sees me


Smiling faces

Mat filled with yummy foods

Remembering yesterday I smile

Today I am a year older

Life has come to sing to me


On the music box plays my favourite songs

My fingers, freely dancing in the air

Gregorie sings and dances for me too

I am happy, peace is throning on my mind


Today I miss my father

So I send him a prayer

Today I know I have good friends

Today I say I am gay and that is okay

Today I am beautiful and that is enough

Today I am becoming the boy I want to be

Today is here, rooting, feathering for me


I listen to the wind

The wind listens to me

Eyes hoping on the future

I am starting to live my new dreams.