You are twenty-one

The man you loved left wrinkles on your heart

Departed with your smiles hanging on his chin

Your muffins and laughters in his lunchbox

Your ‘black girl magic’ wrapped in his luggage

Scratching his words as they drown


You are twenty-one

your heart is melted

And it formed into a lake

You fetched yourself like gold

Something your mother never taught you

Held your head high up like moonlight

And washed the touches he left on your skin


You are twenty-one

Regurgitating the bullshits of your ex-lover

Donating all his toxicness to the fuckboy charity

Searching into the eyes of new comers

Someone to furnish his ruins

And make you feel home with yourself


You are twenty-one

You grow thorns on your skin

Freeze your liquid love into ice rocks

To stone another man who might want,

To run with your heart in a luggage.