The winds came to trial my foundations

Minatorily breathing within the pauses

A body standing on a thousand amen

Elongating what’s beyond the physical

And on how deep my deepness runs


Now wordless emotions sermon on my feet

Boundlessly manifesting self in the sun-ways

Scraping the paint off my moonlight

Revoking love to keep my bones warm

Drowning the lyrics to my shallow seas

Masticating on these emptinessess

Letting them run out in the sun


There are cranes in the living room

Playing hide and seek next to my feet

Crumbling my sunrise?

Going on a living spree?

With all the cliche catchphrases?


But my roots run deeper than the waters

Their meanings are clothed, deciphered

Placed on the branches of a baobab tree

Standing uninhibitedly and unrelentingly.