My eyes fell on a bird yesterday

On a cold, yet sunny day at Katwijk beach

This bird, she has an expression shaped like a human

Or maybe it’s because I looked too deep with my mind

She flew from the skies to sing me a song

Landed so close that she thrones my thoughts

Reminding me that I have wings of my own too


This bird,

She has a longing like me

Escaping from a cultural bubble

Eyes so tender that I saw myself

Spiritual, yet with a searching soul

She gave colors to my day and made me smile

And perhaps I might go to see her today too


This long-necked slim bird, she has

Feathers as wide as my opened arms

Calmed, breathing her way through life

With so much love buried in her voice

She stood on one foot, a sign of majesty

I watched her trying to speak to me

Placing every sound in its perfect place

As if to remind me that I am not alone.