Sew me on the fabrics of my sweet old past

When strings didn’t pull my cheeks to crack a smile

Drowning in tears shed by my brother’s eyes

Bitten to death by some self-claimed stakeholders

Who’d splash into the waters of names I gave them

Darkened skin.

Darkened dreams.

Buried with visions.

I am a young ghost. Ragged. Soiled. Sleepless

I am very many touching stories untold

Tell of me a story of my sweet old yesterdays

When I was younger and innocent

My happiness did paint the clouds in the skies

My eyes will joyously run to bed dreaming

And now I wear these memories on my neck

Choking by the waves of your tangled words

Stagnant on the stairs of your luxurious gateway

A young ghost. Ragged. Soiled. Sleepless

Perhaps hearts don’t breathe anymore

Sew off these new days and stitch me back to the olden ones

Perhaps my youthful eyes will sleep and dream again

Wear the garments I wore on the fleshes of my memories

Dress my stressful heart with a seasonal makeup

Behind the disguise I’ll still be me

Me. Not found

Me. Not happy

And you, splashing into the waters my hands dug

Drinking from the estuaries of wealth my sweat gave you

And the day you killed me, I saw you

You buried my body in wealth.