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Lamin is a twenty-two-year-old poet who plays with poems and sketches instead of youth.

His art carries within its vessels all the seeds and elements of self, along the journey of discoveries and becoming. “This world is my canvas and I am here to live, love, own my freedom and tell every shade of my story respectively”.

who am I you asked, I am meal warmed by everyone I have met.

Love always, Lamin.

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The heavens we are promised

By |September 17th, 2020|Categories: Seeds of Now|Tags: |

Hush little child! Come milk the sunrise from my breast Sit on my laps, I have a song for your ears   Tame your gentle, the innocence of your soul There are spirits, behind every eyed intention  Live to be true, to love and cause no hurt There is a place only accessed by purity   I mean the purity of a heart I mean the purity of a tongue I mean the purity of goodness    Remember the hell and the heaven Remember what was promised of them Heap [...]